Address the Mess: 3 Simple Office Decluttering Tips

Address the Mess: 3 Simple Office Decluttering Tips

A busy office is prone to clutter. With the number of equipment and the amount of paperwork a regular office sees daily, it can easily accumulate a significant amount of clutter. 

A cluttered office may still be functional but little do people realize that it creates many disadvantages including reduced productivity and work-related stress. To prevent these problems from piling up, here are 3 simple office decluttering tips:

  1. Remove EverythingThe first step is to empty your workspace and place everything in another area. Seeing the completely empty space will give you an instant sense of accomplishment while making it seem less overwhelming. It’s also much easier to start from scratch and overhaul your workspace than to make minor adjustments.
  2. Time to Clean
    When everything has been removed, it’s the perfect time to clean the office. Wipe the dust and grime from your desk, drawers, cabinets, and even floors — every nook and cranny you can reach. Sanitize and disinfect the area, especially if you have the tendency to eat at your desk. A thorough clean can remove the most minute food particles left lying around as well as the bacteria that may have accumulated along with them. Disinfecting can also kill viruses and other pathogens that may have found their way into your work area.After cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your work area you can now do the same with the things you have removed and dumped together.
  3. Identify, Sort, and Organize

Organizing can boost efficiency
Sorting allows you to better organize your work area so that each item has its own space. Once everything is sorted out, you can now organize them accordingly. 

One way to sort them is according to the frequency of use:

  • Everyday items – The first group should be items you use every day. These should be within easy reach at all times. Place these items in your organizers and drawers.
  • Seldom used – The second group should comprise items that you need only about once a week or once a month. These items can be placed in the common office cabinets or storage. 
  • Never used – The last group should be reserved for items that you no longer need. At this point, these objects are only taking up space and should be discarded.

Consider purchasing or requesting your office to provide you with organizers like trays or additional drawers if necessary. If you don’t have enough space, desktop organizers are the more feasible option. However, if desktop organizers take up to much space, you can use movable office drawers.

Office drawers with wheels are quite handy. You can move them easily when you need the items they contain and place them out of the way just as easily when you need to clock out. 

Benefits of an Uncluttered Workspace

If you follow these tips to declutter your office space, you can gain various benefits to your mental and physical well-being. This includes:

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Reduce stress by getting rid of clutter
Work-related stress is only to be expected, especially in a busy environment. However, following
decluttering and organizing tips can greatly reduce stress. Being in an organized environment can also help you remain organized mentally as well, allowing you to keep calm even when stressful situations arise. Additionally, prolonged stress has a direct impact on your body. It can result in chronic muscle pain, headaches, and even hypertension. The simplest efforts to reduce stress will allow you to prevent these ailments and preserve your physical health as well.

Declutter your office or home office regularly, whether it’s once a day, week, or month to maintain its cleanliness.

  • Gives Your Mind a Break

Take a mental break from work by concentrating on another task. The act of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing may be work, but it can give your mind that much-needed rest. You may be surprised to find that you can think more clearly when you’ve accomplished this seemingly menial task.

  • Improve Work Efficiency

When your space is organized, you know exactly where everything is and can easily find them the moment you need them. You no longer have to dig through mountains of documents to find relevant reports, allowing you to save time and be efficiently carry out more important tasks.

  • Better Sleep

A clutter-free work area helps you get better sleep
Reducing work-related stress can benefit your mental health, which in turn can help you sleep more soundly. Stress when ignored can lead to a sleeping disorder called
stress-related insomnia

Stress envelops your thoughts with negativity, which will prevent you from getting quality sleep. Your mind and body become restless, making it difficult for you to fall or even stay asleep. The simple act of clearing your desk space can also clear your mind, minimizing stress and promoting better sleep at night.

  • Can Impress Your Officemates and Management

An organized workspace can leave a good impression on your fellow employees and maybe even management. While this may not be enough for you to get that promotion right away, but it’s a start. Additionally, since this means a boost in productivity, it’s a step in the right direction.

Hiring Professionals to Declutter and Clean

Take advantage of the knowledge, experience, and equipment of professionals
While cleaning and decluttering can offer various benefits, we understand that some don’t have enough time to do this by themselves. This is where hiring professional cleaners comes in. Having the experience and knowledge, professional cleaners can do the tasks of sorting, organizing, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting efficiently.

For reliable office cleaning and janitorial services, turn to Black Diamond Cleaning Inc. Our team of professionals is ready to transform your office into an organized, clean, and sanitized environment. We also offer Electrostatic Spray services to help curb the spread of viruses. Call us now at (416) 242-5288 to get an estimate.  

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